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User Profile - rap2
Real Name : Dietha
Age : (born on Sun, 1 Mar 1981 )
Looking for : Friends
Profile views : 1697
Town : Jakarta,
Registration date : Fri, 3 Nov 2006
Last connection date : Thu, 7 Jun 2007 01:37
Marital Status : Married
rap2's physical appearance
Body type : Average Hair Color : Black
Height : 165-170cm Eyes Color : Dark Brown
Weight : 60-65kgs    
Everything about rap2
Biography : I'm a relatively simple, straight-forward person. What you see is what ya get. I'm into travelling, meeting new people. Some people say I am a smart ass bitch - maybe I am, maybe I'm not! You'll have to find out, ha ha. I'm not bossy, I just always and in all ways have better idea... and yet I'm just trying to be realistic. Take it or leave it. I dont like drama, but I really am a drama queen (call me HRH). *Grin* I'm into enjoying every moment of what comes to me, and I'm always trying to make the best out of every opportunity.
Education : n/a
Hobbies : Traveling, films, fitness, the arts and also meeting new people.
Clubbing Of Course!!!
Movies : 25th Hours, Inside Man, Tears of The Sun, Troy, Cellular, Save The Last Dance, Dirty Dancing : Havana Night, etc...
Music : Kosheen, Kate havnevik, Safri Duo, Madonna, Ian Brown, James Blunt, Nelly Furtado, Amerie, Rihanna, Jem, PCD, Gorillaz, Keane, Paul Oakenfeld, Paul Van Dyk, Roykssop, Foo Fighters, Goldfrapp, Franz Ferdinand, Tosca.

Stadium Music, Definately
Books : Bill Clinton My Life, Heavy Water Martin Amis, Stephen Donaldson (Thomas Covenant)
TV : Amazing Race, Sex and The City, etc
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