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User Profile - deyz
Real Name : Denny
Age : (born on Mon, 1 Oct 1973 )
Looking for : Dating men
Profile views : 2225
Town :
Registration date : Sun, 30 Aug 2009
Last connection date : Fri, 31 Oct 2014 22:50
Marital Status : Single and looking
deyz's physical appearance
Body type : Fit Hair Color : black
Height : 165-170cm Eyes Color : black
Weight : 60-65kgs    
Everything about deyz
Biography : www.deyz.webs.com

Education : Bachelor Degree in Economic
Hobbies : Fitness/bodybuilding, Surfing Internet, Watching payTV/TV/Movies/DVD, Listen to musics/radio/CD/cassette/mp3.
Interest with muscle/hunk and/or beautiful/handsome/cute and beard MEN who's support gay and GAY. I am Only meet or/and hangout with everybody who's support GAY and GAY.
Movies : Philadelphia, Brokeback Mountain, Milk, Sanubari Jakarta, I Want Your Love ( played at Q! Film Festival 2013, SAE Institute, FX Jakarta, Indonesia ).
Music : POP, Pop jazz, Pop Alternative/Rock, ROCK, Alternative, Dance, R&B and R&B Dance.
Books : Men'sHealth Indonesia Magazine
TV : Channel [V], MTV Asia.
MTV Club, Channel [V] Top 5 Dance, Channel [V] XO, Channel [V] Top 5 Rock, Channel [V] Top 5 Indie, MTV HITS, MTV Musika, MTV Indie and MTV Rock.
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