Event Review - Spinach Records 6th Anniversary : Reverberation 2009
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Event Review - Spinach Records 6th Anniversary : Reverberation 2009
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Spinach Records celebrated their 6th Anniversary - read the event review of their final, best and the most happening night of the Reverberation 2009 Event Series!

Spinach Records were founded in 2003 by DJ Riri Mestica Rachman, one of the best Indonesian DJs and producers. Together with his best legionnaire DJ Bone Fiol, they built up Spinach from scratch and after six years, not only being a succesful label as well as a DJ school and an event organizer whose parties are always sought by public, Spinach has also become one of Indonesia's electronic dance music and clubbing symbols. The celebration of Spinach Records's 6th Anniversary was entitled the Reverberation 2009, and it took almost a month of event series throughout Indonesia. indonesiaclubbing reviews the final party at X2, on Saturday 28 March 2009!

The party was started early. We arrived at 11 and there were already people milling about the entrance to X2 and when we got in, it was crowded already.

We set up an interview with Sean Tyas earlier via DJ Bone, and we also wanted to talk to DJ Riri, but unfortunately he was already playing his set so we took a note to interview him about Spinach later.

As usual, the interview took place in Pier 9. When Sean Tyas arrived in bleached blond hair (that suits him very much and gives him a look of a punk rock star!), we got introduced to him and he was really friendly.

The interview went really well and we got everything we wanted: a t-shirt signed by Sean for IC members to win in our next quiz, a short video of Sean Tyas greeting people about Spinach's Reverberation, as well as some nice photos, and we also gave Sean an IC t-shirt with gold logo.

It was cool, really, and DJ Riri really merits his honors as one of the best DJs in the archipelago.

We particularly liked his set, pumping but not so hard, inviting people to dance, and the ambience was really great. X2 was in one of its fullest, busiest nights, crowded with beautiful people.

Sean was scheduled to play at 1 AM but I think Riri enjoyed his set very much that it extended a bit longer, well to be honest we didn't mind at all! It was one of his best sets ever.

Finally, at 1:30 AM, Sean Tyas went onstage and blimey, I couldn't believe what I saw!

I was taking photos at the DJ booth and suddenly I saw Sean emerging from nowhere with...the t-shirt we gave him earlier. He was wearing OUR indonesiaclubbing t-shirt!

I was so happy I was determined to take as many good photos as possible, and I really really enjoyed the night.

Sean plays trance, and normally I'm more into electro, techno and house genres, but much to my surprise, the music he played was the KIND of trance set I like.

Lots of vocals, good songs, flowing enchainments, and I think I wasn't the only one loving his music - never in my life I saw the crowd in X2 get that wild!

Men and women, beautiful, elegant people, all dancing into one rhythm.

There were some moments I thought was identical with the Armin van Buuren gig in November last year.

Sean told us earlier he usually plays strong, pumping and fast - 148 BPM being his record set, and if usually people would find it way too fast, last night they didn't mind at all, in fact, I think Sean Tyas has all the qualities a real DJ must have: that certain knack to read what his people want, that certain flow of mixing, those certain choices of tracks, and that certain ability to communicate with the crowd.

I told Bone, this was one of my best nights in X2 ever.

Deliberately, I left my journalist side a bit behind and enjoyed the night away, all by taking cool photos still, but this time it wasn't just work, it was work AND play.

About X2's specialty itself, I had the opportunity to try their new mix of "Fusion Illusion" and "Walking Tall" cocktails, and they are certified STRONG but DELICIOUS. Dangerously excellent.

Talking about the sponsor, I think LA Lights Menthol had their good time, too. What about all people enjoying the promotions and free pack of cigarettes, and to be frank, if they continue sponsoring such great events, all the messages will undoubtedly sink in.

Overall, it was a great night which was over too soon.

I didn't attend all the other Reverberation 2009 events, since they took place outside Jakarta and we have been rather very busy with work lately, but I certainly didn't miss the last, the very best one.

Just like the proverb that says, "Save the best for last", so has Spinach saved the best for their last event.

A big congratulations, kudos and everything for DJ Riri Mestica, DJ Bone Fiol, and everyone at Spinach who have succeeded their 6th Anniversary Event Series.

We will be waiting patiently for Reverberation 2010!

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